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David Vagasky in the kitchen


All orders needing to be shipped will be charged a shipping fee.
David's Confections accepts cash and checks.

  • David's confections have a three-week shelf life at cool room temperature.
  • Up to a six-week shelf life in a refrigerator.
  • Temperature plays a vital role in the storage of confections. The best temperature for ordinary storage of confections is approximately 15° to 20° C (59° to 68° F).
  • We use only the highest quality ingredients.
  • Our fresh products are intended to be enjoyed promptly.
  • Allow a minimum of five working days for all orders.
  • Boxed truffles will be backed in a window cover box.
  • Printed solid cover boxes are available upon request.

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Use the contact form to place an order or inquire about our confections.

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